VPHP Testing Isolator Isolator for VPHP decontamination testing

Used in Pharma QA Microbiology  ·  For Decontamination Quality control , Testing

The VPHP Testing Isolator was designed for analysis of the decontamination processes in the pharmaceutical field, by means of vaporised hydrogen peroxide (VPHP).


  • Air flow velocity probe
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Analysis system for H2O2
  • Integrated sensor for detecting the concentration of hydrogen peroxide, temperature and humidity
  • H2O2 trend detection sensor (maximum level)
  • Low concentration H2O2 detection sensor (minimum level)
  • Photocatalyst
  • Dehumidifier
  • Speedy Glove system
  • Glove spreaders
  • Internal shelves

In particular, the isolator is used for:

  • Implementation and control of decontamination cycles by means of VPHP for the evaluation of H2O2 residues inside the chamber and its exposed materials once completed.
  • Monitoring and recording H2O2 concentrations during the entire decontamination cycle and monitoring extremely low concentrations (less than 3 ppb) in the final phases of decontamination by means of a high sensitivity sensor.
  • Carrying out desorption tests on materials inside the chamber.

The isolator works in positive pressure with respect to the laboratory to ensure chamber sterility.

The isolator is composed of a pre-chamber, used for the inlet of materials, and of a main chamber for implementing analyses.

The isolator is equipped with a VPHP generator for the decontamination of the work areas.


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VPHP Testing Isolator: Isolator for VPHP decontamination testing

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