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ELIZA Series
Shielded Laminar Flow Isolator

ELIZA is a shielded laminar flow isolator suitable for handling, dispensing and calibrating beta/gamma-emitting radiopharmaceuticals, in accordance with Current Good Radiopharmacy Practice guidelines in the Preparation of Radiopharmaceuticals in Nuclear Medicine (simple preparations and extemporaneous preparations).

ELIZA - Shielded Laminar Flow Isolator

ELIZA Series - Shielded Laminar Flow Isolator


  • Touch screen for hot cell and dispensing system
  • Technical gases supply lines made of AISI 316L stainless steel with ball shut-off valves
  • DOP test connections (filter leakage test)
  • Internal pressure automatic adjustment by modulating valves
  • Designed for housing automatic modules or fractionation systems in sterile conditions
  • Dose calibrator (available in the versions 2 Ci or 20 Ci) with touch screen console
  • Solid waste collection system
  • cGMP compliant
  • Air-lock for material introduction.

The main chamber can be equipped with plastic supports that reduce braking radiations when handling beta-emitting isotopes. The cell is suitable for the preparation of different radiopharmaceuticals, including those dedicated to metabolic radiotherapy, compatibly with the shielding thicknesses. ELIZA meets all calibration and manipulation fractionating requirements of Nuclear Medicine departments. It is equipped with a laminar flow work chamber and ventilated pre-chambers for the transit of materials, to house generators and to confine waste.

The machine o ffers exclusive technical solutions which guarantee unique performance in terms of:

  • Sterility: the laminar air flow work area (Class A according to EEC-cGMP) allows handling radiopharmaceuticals in absolute safe conditions for the product. All the outwards accesses are equipped with airtight interlocked pre-chambers (Class B according to EEC-cGMP)
  • Radiation protection: shields are made to ensure the full protection of the operator
  • Ergonomics: all the components required for the dose preparation are placed within the range of action of the operator’s hands
  • Safety: the main door of the isolator is equipped with a lock system, controlled by an internal double probe G.M. detector
  • Management of the critical parameters: the isolator is equipped with a modern operator panel to control, adjust and export the cell inner parameters, notifications and alarms
  • Versatility: different shielding spacers, make the cell versatile and suitable for different uses. The large internal chamber and the shape of the work surface allow installing automatic synthesis modules or fractionators for syringes and vials
  • Duration through time: the high-quality of the components used ensure duration over time and performance consistency.

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