Pharma Equipment for Asepsis/Containment in Labs, R&D, Manufacturing

Pharma equipment for aseptic drug processing, dispensing, weighing, testing and filling in vials, syringes, bottles and bags, using isolators. GMP compliant

  • API Processing
  • Fill Finishing
  • QA Microbiology
  • Hospital Pharmacy
  • Additional equipment
  • Cell Therapies
  • Incubation Systems
  • Chemotherapy
  • Compounding
  • Decontamination
  • Production Management
  • R&D Radiochemistry and Radiopharma
  • Synthesis
  • Filling
  • Dispensing
  • Dose Calibration
  • Quality control
  • Injection
  • Lab Management
  • Testing
  • Validation
  • Shieldings and Doors
  • Storage and Transport
  • Decommissioning
  • Accessories
  • Furnishings
  • Asepsis
  • Containment
Potent API Processing Isolator


Potent API Processing Isolator

MSTI – Modular Sterility Testing Isolator


Modular Sterility Testing Isolator

FILL-FINISHING_BabyPhill - batch-vial-filling-system

Baby Phill

Small Batch Vial Filling System

Combo Phill - Aseptic filling line for vaccine production - photograph

Combo Phill™

Aseptic filling line for ready-to-use (RTU) vials and prefilled syringes (PFS) fully integrated with isolator


Tipping & Filling Line for Bulk API Powder

Advanced Plant for Bulk Sterile Manufacturing

Speedy Glove

Automatic glove tester for integrity testing


Dispensing Custom R&D Isolator

Isolator for research and development

HOSPITAL-PHARMACY_Pharmoduct - Automatic Sterile Compounding System


Automatic Compounding System

CACI Oncology Isolators


Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolator - Compact

ACCESSORIES_VPHP - Vapor Phase Hydrogen Peroxide generator


Vapor Phase Hydrogen Peroxide generator


VPHP Testing Isolator

Isolator for VPHP decontamination testing


Preparation Tank Isolator

Isolator for reactor charging

Dispensing and Weighing Isolator

Isolator for weighing and dispensing operations

Dispensing Isolator

Glove box system

API Dispensing Isolator

Isolator for API

Dispensing and aseptic operations

ATEX Isolator

Isolator with ATEX compliant chamber for dispensing procedure

Cytotoxic isolator

Isolator for cytotoxic manipulation

Deduster isolator

Isolator for Deduster & Metal Check

Dispensing & Milling

Isolator for Dispensing & Milling

Isolator for washing procedure

Isolator for washing procedures

HAPI Isolators for transfer and dispensing

HAPI Isolators

Isolators for safe HAPI (Highly Active Product Ingredients) transfer and dispensing


Mini Plant


R&D Isolator - Six Stage Research and Development Isolator

Six Stage Research and Development Isolator

API_Dispensing Isolator for dispensing process

Dispensing Isolator

Isolator for dispensing process

API_Preparation & Production Isolator

Production Isolator

Isolator for production process

API_MD&WI_Modular Dispensing Weighing Isolator


Modular Dispensing & Weighing Isolator


Dry Powder Filling Isolator

Robotic filling and capping line for dry powder device

API_HPAPI-QC-Isolator_QC isolator for wet analisys

HPAPI QC Isolator

QC isolator for wet analisys



Closed Restricted Access Barrier System for crimping machine

Passive RABS

Restricted Access Barrier System for critical area protection

HOSPITAL-PHARMACY_PHL - Sterile Isolator for Cellular Labeling

PHL Isolator

Pharma Hospital Laboratory Isolator

Pharma Equipment, like our isolators, reduces or eliminates the possibility of extreme contamination inside a protected environment. This is a must in the pharmaceutical field.

Customised isolation technology

Comecer is a recognized leader in the customized production of isolators. These machines allow for the highest level of separation and protection during the treatment of toxic and dangerous substances (non-radioactive) for use in pharmaceutical industries. Our equipment is deployed for aseptic drug processing, dispensing, weighing, testing and filling in vials, syringes, bottles and bags.

R&D Isolators

We also provide isolators to R&D departments, for maximum operator protection during the manipulation operations. They ensure the separation between the external environment and the interior of the isolator itself. For dangerous substance manipulations, we have isolators for cytotoxic,  API and PAPI substances.

Decontamination and Sterilization

Vapor Phase Hydrogen Peroxide, provided as a standard or optional feature of our products, is how our equipment is decontaminated and sterilised. VPHP guarantees a 6 log contamination reduction.

Oncology Compounding Systems

In addition to isolators, we also provide compounding labs with an automatic compounding system. These improve and streamline operator workflow when preparing personalised oncology drugs. Operator safety and full GMP compliance are fundamental characteristics of all our pharma equipment.