Baby Phill Small Batch Vial Filling System

Baby Phill: aseptic filling machine for the production of small batches in R&D, Pharmaceutical or ATMP



  • Compact and clean GMP design
  • Smart interface to other equipment (lyophilizer etc.)
  • Class A laminar flow isolator or RABS
  • Integrated VPHP generator
  • Ready for disposable technology
  • Integrated environmental monitoring
  • Production of liquid or lyophilized vials up to 1000 pieces/hour

Do you need to produce batches for clinical trials or for development of sterile, cytotoxic, liquid or lyophilized drugs, in a sterile, contained, grade A environment?

Imagine a small aseptic filling machine integrated inside an isolator or RABS as part of a complete production line…


…think Baby Phill!

What makes Baby Phill special?

  • Extremely reduced footprint, so you can easily find a place in it your existing lab
  • Plug-and-play design, so you can install quickly and start your production right away
  • All-in-one system, so all key features you need are included as standard, with optional equipment available on request
  • Best integration within isolation technology, as Comecer has designed it as a whole single system
  • Fast change over between batches, to make the most of your investment and time
  • Top quality in small scale, the same level of features of a normal production filling line are implemented in the smallest footprint

Customized configurations

The Baby Phill can be configured with different upstream and downstream ancillary systems to build the complete package. From the vial loading prechamber, the washing and depyrogenation systems, to vial outlet, the different solutions are implemented in order to fully address the specific applications.

Filling Station

batch vial filling system_dett.2

  1. Vial accumulator
  2. Rotating table
  3. Walking beam
  4. Stoppering positioning and insertion
  5. Crimp positioning and crimping
  6. Vial outfeed.

Complete line configuration of Baby Phill

batch vial filling system_dett.2

  1. Integrated lyophilizator
  2. Unloading chamber lyophilizator charging/discharging
  3. Baby Phill inside a class A isolator
  4. Loading chamber
  5. Sterilization and depyrogenation tunnel
  6. Vial washing machine

Optional equipment

  • Class A Isolator or RABS
  • Automatic onboard Glove Leak Test (AGT)
  • VPHP concentration sensors low/high level
  • Loading chamber
  • Unloading chamber lyophilizer charging/discharging
  • Integrated lyophilizer
  • Sterilization and depyrogenation tunnel
  • Vial washing machine

Information request / Pdf download

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