FAT Factory Acceptance Test

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The complete validation test for the equipment will be performed at Comecer ’s site.

The FAT Factory Acceptance Test protocol will include the following tests:

  1. Test Instrument Data (Calibration Certificates of the reference instruments)
  2. System Documentation Verification (documents list for the equipment qualification)
  3. Construction Design Verification (“As Built drawings and schemes”)
  4. Main Equipment Specification Verification (correspondence with the design)
  5. Functionality/Interlocks Verification (Mechanical & Software)
  6. Glove Breach Test (only where gloves provided)
  7. Unidirectional Air Flow Verification (Smoke pattern test – only with Laminar flow)
  8. Air Change Rate
  9. Air Velocity Verification (only with Laminar flow)
  10. Filter Leakage (Integrity test)
  11. Leak tightness Test (only if applicable)
  12. Non Viable Particle Counts (Air classification)


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