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Rotary Intermittent Washer

DF Siena

The LFRI rotary intermittent washer is a fully automatic, intermittent motion, rotary washing machine, suitable to wash and clean brand-new containers, such as vials.

The rotary washing machine is developed to handle vials in order to permit the internal and external decontamination of the containers.

LFRI - rotary intermittent washer

LFRI - Rotary Intermittent Washer

Technical Characteristics

  • Design according to current GMP standards and FDA rules
  • Suitable for washing ampoules, bottles and vials
  • Containers and process fluids contact parts made of AISI 316L stainless steel, silicone or approved plastic materials
  • Strong AISI 304 frame and polycarbonate windows
  • Loading from turn table or conveyor belt
  • High performance transport system
  • Fully automatic, intermittent motion, with adjustable speed
  • Custom internal/external washing and blowing lay-out with programmable times by recipes
  • 9 grippers / 7 washing stations
  • Easy size change
  • CFR21 Part 11 compliant PLC/HMI control
  • Easily integrated with a depyrogenation/sterilization tunnel
  • Production up to 6,000 pieces / hour
  • Available options: water recovery, silicone coating, CIP / DIP / SIP

Direct water station

Direct water is used in the final rinsing/washing steps, both internal and external.

The pressure switch with alarm is used to control that the direct water pressure before needles is always enough.

Given the limited consumption, water is disposable. It’s possible to adjust the washing time of each station.

Compressed air station

Dry and oil free compressed air (customer supplied) is used to dry the vials between washing steps and before the discharge.

The air is filtered by 0.22 micron hydrophobic cartridge (by customer). The manometer before filter (10’’) allow to estimate the filter efficiency. The pressure switch with alarm is used to control that the compressed air pressure before needles is always enough.

Automatic draining

The scope of this operation is to avoid stagnating water for a long time in the idle washer. This operation is automatically carried out at the end of production.

The system is composed by valves located in the lowest points of the pipes, tanks and pumps.

The drain valves, equipped with pneumatic actuators, are automatically operated by PLC. It’s possible to execute the automatic cycle DIP, to dry the pipes with sterile air.

Operating Cycle

The loading section is composed by a dead plate, directly connected with a rotary table, here the operator can push the vials from the plastic tray to the loading station.

The washing system has plunging needles with the possibility of varying the phases and times of the fluid dispensing.

Washing cycle

The rotary intermittent washing machine is proposed with a standard washing cycle is completely modifiable in the media order/type and programmable as washing times depending on items to treat and/or availability of washing media.

  1. Pincers loading
  2. Blowing with filtered compressed air – INT
  3. Washing (PW or WFI) – INT/EXT
  4. Blowing with filtered compressed air – INT
  5. Washing (PW or WFI) – INT
  6. Blowing with filtered compressed air – INT/EXT
  7. Washing (WFI) – INT
  8. Blowing with filtered compressed air – INT
  9. Dripping and unloading.

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