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Radionuclide transfer system

Liquid and gas radiofluids distribution system

The Comecer RTS radionuclide transfer system is a liquid and gas radiofluids distribution system for radiopharma and nuclear medicine plant.

The radiofluids (liquid or gas) distribution system has the following features:

  • modular architecture and availability of various configurations for the desired number of destination cells;
  • direct transfer of the radioactive material from the cyclotron to the destination cells;
  • possibility to avoid manual operations, also minimizing any dead times between bombardments;
  • possibility for the operator to select the destination cells for release of the radioactive material;
  • control over the destination cells, with radionuclide release authorization only if all safety conditions are complied with, real time management, monitoring and control;
  • waste management: always present one valve to wash the line after the delivery;
  • possibility to have the RTS with or without shielding, according to the customer’s layout. The shielding can be 80 mm of lead or absent.

RTS - Radionuclide transfer system | Comecer

Modular architecture Modular architecture and customizable solution
Real time management, monitoring and control Real time management, monitoring and control
Low dead volume
Easy waste management
Easy maintenance Easy maintenance

The high flexibility and modularity represent Comecer RTS radionuclide transfer system’s added value.

Comecer RTS radionuclide transfer system is available in 2 main configurations:

  • STANDARD: consisting of 2 valves with always one entry and 1 distribution multi-port valve (with 8 positions).
  • CUSTOMIZED: it is possible to add more valves and more multiports, accordind to the customer needed.

RTS - Radionuclide Transfer System - Functional Chart

Each RTS unit also includes:

  • a distribution panel containing the components, such as multi-position valves, arrangement for connection to distribution lines, and any optional features, the electrical board with PLC,
  • a PC (to manage/control the RTS system from the control room).

Multi-port distribution valve

RTS - Radionuclide Transfer System - Multiport Valve


The multi-port valve for radionuclide transfer, supplied by VICI, has the following features:

  • pneumatically actuated,
  • high torque,
  • seal is assured thanks to the construction materials and narrowtolerances on the components used,
  • high resistance to ionising radiations,
  • low dead volumes.


Each radiofluid line from the cyclotron features an integrated valve for safety stop to prevent radiofluid transfer in the case where the RTS system or destination cell are not ready.

The Comecer RTS radionuclide transfer system is designed to be able to manage and send a radiofluid to an individual cell: the operator selects the radiofluid and the destination cell on the control system.

Software compliant with standard cfr21 part 11

The compliance of the software with the regulation CFR21 part 11 is self-certified by Comecer following a documented analysis of the regulation requirements and a description is provided of how these requirements are applied in software development. The requirements related to CFR21 part 11 are also validated with a testing protocol (STS Software Test Specifications).

The software is supplied with the following features:

  • control and safety of operator accesses to the system
  • audit trail
  • archiving and retrieval of archived data.

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