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Comecer gives support to its customers with technical and commercial activities.

Our after sales services includes Remote Control for verifying all the system’s functions remotely using internet, and  Teleassistance through video and telephone.

At our premises we have a fully equipped Calibration Centre for instruments used in the measurement of ionizing radiations.

Calibration Centre

Accredia calibrations

For instuments used in the measurement of ionizing radiations – Accredia accreditation LAT 065.

In accordance with the accreditation table, electronic dosimeters are calibrated for personal and environmental radioprotection, radiodiagnostics, mammographies and the irradiation of passive dosimeters for personal and environmental radioprotection with the issue of Accredia certifications referring to the Air Kerma values and the Dose Equivalent Hp(10); Hp(0,07); Hp(3); H*(10) and H’(0,07).”

Comecer calibrations

In addition to Accredia calibration services, the Comecer Calibration Centre issues certificates of calibration for sizes not covered by the accreditation table (time of discharge, radiation energy, activity…) for the following instruments for quality control in x-ray machines:

  • Multimeters
  • Kilovoltmeter
  • Timing

and instruments for measuring activity in people, objects and environments:

  • Contamination meters
  • Hands, feet and clothing
  • Dose calibrator
  • Monitoring unit
  • Instruments and materials for radioprotection
  • Waste Disposal Systems

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It is a “GMP” requirement of good manufacturing practice that each manufacturer identifies what validation work is necessary to prove control of the critical aspects of their particular operation. Comecer has the possibility to certify our machines through the following:

Products and Services for the production/handling of drugs and radiopharmaceuticals

  • Media-Fill Kit for Microbial Contamination Detection
  • Sterility Verification of Raw Materials and Finished Products
  • Validation of isolators for the manipulation of radiopharmaceuticals, of laminar flow hoods for aseptic manipulation,
    of radiopharmaceutical synthesis cells, and of areas classified as Pharmaceutical Grade C or D
  • Support for Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Disinfection of Aseptic Work Areas

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