GICR Annual Congress 11 - 12 mayo 2018

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Comecer will have its own tabletop at the 7th GICR Annual Congress.

You can discover the new features in ALCEO!

Recently, our Solid Target Processing System Specialist, Mario Malinconico, presented the newest features in our Alceo system on “Synthesis of radiometals from solid targets used for radiolabeling.”

Here are the key new features:

  • ALCEO metal 3.0 can now produce 64Cu, 89Zr, 68Ga, 45Ti
  • There are no cross-contamination issues in the processes. This is due to the new pick&place of the dissolution and plating heads (for Copper and Gallium processes)
  • ALCEO can be installed in existing labs where no changes can be made. This is made possible by the ALCEO retrofit option, which separates dissolution (taking place in the bunker) from purification (taking place in the cell): in this case, the purification starts from the radiometals in liquid form that were melted in the bunker and pushed to the cell through capillaries.

On Saturday May 12th, at 11 am, our Software and Dispensing Systems specialist, Francesco Sergi will discuss how Comecer is improving its product portfolio with a presentation titled “Innovation Technology with Radiopharmaceuticals Dispensing Systems”, such as Argo, Febo and Clio.
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Ferrara, Italy


11 - 12 mayo 2018


Medicina Nuclear