Industrial projects

Complete automatic lines for production, dispensing and filling.

99mTC Generator Production Plant

TC-99m Production

Semi-automatic line for the production of Tc-99m generators in GMP.

Rb-82 generators production plant

Rb-82 Production

Hot Cells Line for Rb-82 Generators Production

Lu-177 production line

Lu-177 N.C.A. Production

Production and dispensing hot cells with an internal high precision robotic dispenser

223Ra Dichloride Production And Dispensing Suite

Ra-223 Dichloride Suite

TcGMP hot cell suite with high production filling machine

Y-90 and Lu-177 dispensing line

Y-90/Lu-177 C.A. Production

Radioisotope production line designed for the synthesis of Y-90 and Lu-177

Mo-99 Dispensing Packaging Storage Line

Mo-99 Dispensing

cGMP double hot cell for Mo-99 dispensing, packaging and storage

Automated Ioflupane I-123 Injection dispensing plant

I-123 automated plant

Automated Ioflupane I-123 Injection production and dispensing plant

Lu-177 dispensing line

Lu-177 Dispensing Line

Dispensing line for dissolution, formulation and dispensing of radiopharmaceuticals

Spect dispensing hot cell for nuclear medicine

SPECT Dispensing Hot Cell

For bulk preparation, calibration, dispensing and labelling

Spect production hot cell

SPECT Production Hot Cell

for solid target manipulation

Double hot cells nuclear medicine

Double Hot Cell

for Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry