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Manutenzione preventiva

Planned Preventive Maintenance
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Improve and maintain your system performance

When it comes to maintenance, investing in prevention is always better than unexpected downtime. As your original system manufacturer, we uniquely combine a risk-based analysis with our intimate knowledge of your automation. The result? A specialized planned preventive maintenance to improve performance and optimize your system and resources to help you achieve your business goals.


Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) services include:

  • Critical Spares Analysis
  • PPM Schedule Development Job Plan Development
  • Scheduled maintenance by COMECER

Achieve the Best Performance

Our approach to Planned Preventive Maintenance is tailored to suit your circumstances, including whether you are already in production or planning a production launch. Selecting from our risk-based tools we will examine multiple factors, including your system’s duty cycle, environment, and overall design, to give an optimized preventive maintenance plan.

Critical Spares Analysis

We will provide a detailed list of critical spares to have on hand to reduce your risk of extended downtime. We will also uncover which spares are not necessary to keep, helping you better target your inventory spend while taking your spares inventory to a new, optimized level.

PPM Schedule Development

The PPM schedule provides a consolidated summary of all maintenance tasks by station and failure mode. By including skills, tools, materials and estimates of time required for each maintenance task, the summary provides an excellent tool to assist in maintenance planning and scheduling in order to minimize system downtime and optimize maintenance staff utilization.

Job Plan Development

Job plans provide step-by-step instructions to help drive efficiency and consistency in your preventive maintenance execution.

The plans include safety and environmental procedures, and all information summarized in the PPM schedule.

Bill of Materials

We will supply a full list of materials required to perform maintenance tasks in your PPM schedule. With help from Comecer Spares Management services, you can schedule to receive parts on a just-in-time basis, reducing your inventory costs.

Planned Preventive Maintenance - Customer Benefits


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