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The parts you need when you need them

We’re on a mission to simplify spares management.

As your original system manufacturer, Comecer has specialized knowledge about your systems and the parts they use.

With our expertise, we can equip you with the required spare parts for your new system, and help you optimize your long-term approach to spares to reduce overall costs.

Spares Management services include:

  • Recommended Spare Parts Provisioning
  • Ongoing Spare Parts Supply
  • Obsolescence Analysis and Management

Recommended Spare Parts Provisioning

When you purchase a new automation system from Comecer, you’ll also get a list of competitively priced recommended spares prior to your Site Acceptance Test. By sourcing spares prior to system arrival at your facility, you will lower your risk from the very beginning of operations, and equip your staff with the spares they need to support continuing production.

Your recommended spares list is created based on our knowledge and experience with systems, and reliability engineering principles. Our list will categorize spares – whether they are wear parts, consumables, long lead items – to help you make your purchasing decision.

  • L1 spare parts package (first AID Kit)
  • L2 spare parts package (critical items + first AID kit)

Ongoing Spare Parts Supply

When you order parts from Comecer, you know you’re getting the best service. We leverage our global purchasing power to give you competitive prices and lead times. When you need parts to recover from a downtime event, we’re a phone call away and we’ll work with our supply chain to deliver critical parts as soon as possible. When you need parts to support preventive maintenance, we can ship parts kits on a just-in-time basis.

Obsolescence Analysis and Management

As your system ages, its risk of obsolescence increases. Comecer can help you avoid being caught in a downtime situation needing a part that is no longer available. Our service regularly reviews your full system BOM for obsolete parts, and identifies replacement options – whether they are direct replacements or upgrade solutions – taking advantage of new technologies and innovations.

Spare Management - Customer Benefits

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