ValueCell FILL
Semi-automatic and refrigerated bag aseptic filling system for Cell & Gene applications

ValueCell FILL is a new semi-automatic COMECER filling system for Cell & Gene therapy fields. It is easy to use, modular and versatile.

ValueCell FILL is a simple and straightforward technology for assisting customers during their downstream aseptic bag filling operations. ValueCell FILL is one of the COMECER’s offerings to support new filling needs in the fields of Cell & Gene therapies and related areas (Viral filling, Media filling), with options for cryogenic filling.

Unique Features

  • Bag dispensing is performed in a one-by-one filling fashion. In the ValueCell FILL receiving bags are assembled together in a pre-sterilized Single-Use Set, sharing a common manifold.
  • Bag dispensing typically needs to be carried out in grade A, as the filling is an open activity. In the ValueCell FILL, filling is performed under closed conditions, so the machine is suitable to be used in lower room classifications such as Grade C environments.
  • Air removal from the filling line happens through an initial bag collecting air in the pre-sterilized tubes while priming the line.
  • Product saving is another critical factor and takes place by reverse pumping at the end of the filling process, to avoid discarding of vital product left over in the lines.
  • Illuminate™ MI: IIoT manufacturing intelligence platform and factory-floor management.

A new tool for Cell & Gene Therapy applications

The primary goal of ValueCell FILL is to dispense production bulks (held in a suitable source bag) into a series of final or intermediate bags.

Main Components

The ValueCell FILL, the new semi-automatic COMECER filling system for Cell & Gene therapy fields, has a modular structure where three main components can be identified:

The storage area where the source bag is kept can be refrigerated or not, and it allows for weighing controls on the source bags, for dispensing calibration and monitoring.

The distribution rack and the automated bag closing system. They allow individual filling and closing of final product containers.

The peristaltic pump filling system are designed for ATMP’s, with low shear stress and suitable connections.

ValueCell FILL - Filling part with bags and pinch valves

The filling rack portion with bags, bubble sensors and pinch valves

ValueCell FILL - Reservoir for line priming and air collection

The reservoir bag utilized for line priming and air collection typically becomes your QC bag

ValueCell FILL - Refrigerated Storage

The refrigeration module contains multiple paddle mixers for gentle squeezing of source bags, ensuring a homogeneous mixture

Optional features

An automated mixing system can be added in the refrigerated storage compartment, to allow an initial formulation of the product solution to be dispensed, e.g., adding dilution or cryopreserving components before dispensing in the final bags.

Where required, the ValueCell FILL can be equipped with gentle paddle mixers, in order to keep the density of the dispensed solution as constant as possible during the aseptic filling process.

Specific customer needs can be investigated and Comecer can provide a personalized version of ValueCell FILL.


Bag formats: a certain degree of customization is available to meet specific customer needs. To know more about available formats and potential new applications, please get in contact with our Sales Team.

The filling module can be adapted, in terms number of bags on manifold and fill volumes. One bag is always kept as reservoir for the air in the tubing system (it can be used as a QC sample too) giving customers flexibility over several features of different applications.

Closing system: automated thermal welding of the bags are currently under development and will be available in the future as a standard option.

ValueCell-FILL - Bag aseptic filling system + illuminate

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ValueCell-FILL - Bag aseptic filling system