PAPI Potent API Processing Isolator

Used in API Processing Pharma  ·  For Dispensing Containment
Potent API Processing Isolator

Comecer isolators for containment requirements are conceived for pharmaceutical companies who require high-level protection during potent API processing.

Further available options

  • Speedy Glove – Automatic glove tester
  • ATEX Classification
  • Inertization circuit with Oxygen sensors
  • RTP Rapid Transfer Port
  • High Containment Valve
  • Integrated Scales, Control Panel and Printer
  • Double Continuous Liner
  • Manual Crimping Tool or Film Welder
  • WIP/CIP Skid system and Liquid waste container
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • PTFE Coating
Fully closed environment with CLASS 2 Leak Tightness classification.
Tested according to ISO 10648-2.
Turbulent airflow, Inertization option, ATEX internal/external option
Washing and/or Cleaning in place system
Multipurpose configuration and internal customization for any kind of process
Suitable for HI containment level meeting OEB5/OEB6 requirements
PLC/HMI Control System fully compliant with CFR21 Part11

Customized internal solutions

Comecer PAPI isolators for potent API processing can be equipped with a variety of devices for any kind of process: reactors skid, vacuum ovens, scales, QC lab instruments and more.


Flexible configuration

Every single process requires special attention and a deep understanding of the needs.

Therefore the final design is only what perfectly fits the customer requirements.

Containment: the heart of API production

The toxicity of APIs is measured using the OEB/OEL levels. For each of these levels, a different containment system is required, also based on the process, volume and dustiness of the APIs. Ultimately, isolation technology is the only solution that can guarantee the protection of the operator even in the case of highly toxic products.


Containment chart

General process cycle

Potent API Processing Isolator + illuminate

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PAPI: Potent API Processing Isolator

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