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The Value of Containment Systems

A Containment System is a barrier designed to prevent dangerous materials from dispersing in the sourrounding environment. According to the Operator Exposure Band, it can be a completely sealed and closed Isolator (compulsory for OEB 4,5) or a Containment Cabinet with one or more “mouse holes” opened to the external environment (for the passage of conveyor belts of other transfer devices).

In today’s world of advanced medications, the pharmaceutical industry has seen a growing number of products with potential health risks to those working with them. Potent active compounds in the form of airborne dust, in particular, can put the operator at risk with all related adverse effects (respiratory, dermatological or reproductive).

The increasing use of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) in the industry is playing a prominent role in fighting illness and disease with great benefits to the patients but with a greater potential impact on worker’s health.

In order to reduce or eliminate such risks of cross-contamination, limiting the impact to the outdoor enviromnent and minimizing costs, the industry has embraced Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for the satisfactory containment of production processes.

COMECER-Isolation-TEAM is capable to deliver entirely customized solutions, flexible working methods aimed to the highest level of process integration, advanced design and construction systems, focus on ergonomics for durability and ease of use.

For more information, visit the isolation technology section of our web site.

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