Storia del Gruppo

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Comecer 1974

The Comecer Group has been growing steadily since its beginnings in the early 1970′s.

1970′s Comecer was founded as a technology supplier for the Italian Nuclear Agency (ANI). Partnership with ENEA and Ansaldo are established developing multiple prototypes and innovative products.
1980′s Due to the 1985 nuclear energy development stop in Italy, Comecer moved its competence and know-how to the medical field (safety solutions for nuclear medicine labs).
1990′s Acquisition and mastering of the stainless steel manufacturing technology with wide application on Comecer products.
2000′s Development of key agreements with research and technology partners for customized nuclear medicine product development.
2010  Since the late’00s Comecer has become a reference partner for designing, manufacturing, and the offer of high tech solutions focusing on improving accuracy and safety in the nuclear medicine and isolation technology sectors.
2011 Fondo Italiano di Investimento has reached an agreement for the entry with a minority stake in Comecer.
2012 Acquisition by Comecer S.p.a. of Veenstra Instrumenten B.V. (Netherlands) and Brita Trade (Czech Republic)
2015 The operator Principia SGR acquired the minority stake in the company, taking over the Italian Investment Fund with the medium-term objective of listing the company on the Stock Exchange.