Modular Sterility Testing Isolator. Innovation and Modularity

Comecer’s new Modular Isolator System meets the ever-changing needs of our customers, from easy cleanroom expansions to  requirement upgrades.  Specifically conceived for Lab professionals who require aseptic conditions for sterility testing of pharmaceutical products, the  Modular Isolator System’s true innovation is in the word “modular”.

The standard version is composed of a class A testing chamber and a class B pre-chamber (grade B before sterilization – grade A after sterlilization).

Once installed in this configuration it can  be upgraded and expanded as needed with further modules such as additional chambers, Rapid Transfer Ports, Sterility Testing Systems, viable and non-viable counting systems, and wide variety of sensors. This means that laboratories are free to equip the Isolator even in the future.

Modular Sterility Isolator

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