Shielded trolley for collecting of waste products Shielded trolley for collecting of waste products

The Shielded Waste Trolley gathers all waste products produced during the various operations that are carried out inside the shielded cells for transfer into a storage and treatment area.

This interface on the cells is an RTP device, whilst the Shielded Waste Trolley has a shielded waste container. This system makes it possible to extract waste products from the cells without compromising their internal negative pressure.

The Shielded Waste Trolley has 4 electric traction wheels driven by an operator. It has a stainless steel container fitted with three movements controlled by three electric motors:

  • horizontal translation;
  • vertical translation;
  • rotation on a vertical axis.

When all waste products have been collected, the cap is joined to the shielded container using screws, making the removal and storage of the waste products possible. After this operation, the Shielded Waste Trolley can receive a new shielded container.

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