SNMMI 2017 Solid Target and Dispensers Session Registration

If you are coming to this year’s SNMMI 2017 we invite you to register for a one hour speed presentation of our most important recent innovations:
ALCEO Metal: 64Cu, 89Zr and 68Ga automated production of multiple isotopes with a single system
ALCEO Halogen: 124I and 123I automated production from TeO with a high temperature evaporation process
ALCEO Retrofit: how to introduce a safe and automated solid target production system in existing, unprepared cyclotron installations
ARGO dispenser – compact and quick solution for vials
FEBO dispenser with integrated ionizing chamber for syringes production
CLIO dispenser a flexible approach for vial and syringes in one machine
The session will be held in the conference center’s Meeting Room 106 on Monday June 12th from 9.30 to 10.30 AM.

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