Cell & Gene Therapy Automation Solutions – Anthropomorphic robot guided by vision camera system integrated in isolator

Customization project for ATMP (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products): Robotic Automation study for Cell & Gene Therapy

Equipment for advanced gene therapy manufacturing often requires customization. Customization is the result of studying customer processes in detail and designing the best equipment to meet manufacturing objectives.

A good example on how a good suitable customization can simplify and make faster a customer project, is reported in this study: we share some basic information along with a video concept to show how our technologies can be applied to their requirements.

Company technology

An American biotechnology company in the area immunotherapies came to COMECER asking for a certain degree of automation for their process. The advanced cancer treatment uses a platform based on attenuated bacteria. Bacteria, as reported by several studies, affect the patient’s immune response to treatment.

Their most advanced product in the pipeline (currently in Phase 3 clinical trial), is focused on cervical cancer. Other variations of the same principle are focused on head and neck cancer and in metastatic prostate cancer in combination with standard therapies based on monoclonal antibodies.

The revolutionary approach deals with Neoantigens, because of the peculiarity of these mutant proteins: they are generated by the extreme variability of the tumor and are difficult to target with traditional methods.

The bacteria vector works miming the mechanism of natural infection and redirects immune response through Adaptive/Native immunity and modulation of the tumor microenvironment.

This approach to personalized tumor treatment represents a cutting edge in fighting cancer.

Comecer customization

We contribute to the development of this important technology by providing the biotech company with the best manufacturing technology in the advanced gene therapy field. A sterile environment, equipped with a robotic arm and suitable interfaces for smart management of laboratory tools, guarantees the necessary degree of asepsis, perfect working conditions, along with fast and automated procedure steps.

The final goal of the installation is to gain routinely seamless execution for perfect manufacturing, cost containment and scalability.

The customized solution is based on these Comecer building blocks:

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