FHB-10 Laminar Flow Hood with Lead Glass Laminar Flow Hood with Lead Glass

Dedicated to the laboratory and industry use, specifically for the protection of the product manipulated. Moreover, ensures excellent laminar flow at the worktop level thanks to the balanced perforation, and thanks to the considerable level of suction in the front part, which is calculated to obtain better vertical supply also in the work zone front part.


  • Filtration system with HEPA filter
  • Protected electrical power supply sockets with external and individual control
  • Fluid socket (empty/nitrogen) with manual faucet
  • Shielded glass window
  • Hands ports

Conserve energy with Thermo Scientific™ MSC-Advantage™ Class II Biological Safety Cabinets, which combine smart design and extraordinary value with best-in-class energy efficiency, reliability and usability resulting in an overall improvement to operation and maintenance. Units feature 60% less energy consumption and heat output. Cabinets are certified to EN 12469 safety standard.

The Biological Safety Cabinet is a laboratory device for installation and operation in microbiological and biotechnical laboratories of safety levels 1, 2, and 3. It has been designed as a Class II microbiological biological safety cabinet, in accordance with EN 12469.

Construction characteristics

Steel structure coated with epoxy dust by electro-diffusion, with perfect air-tightness and a negative pressure work zone.

Lateral panels made of safety tempered crystal. Removable worktop, made of AISI 304 stainless steel sheet, glazed and perforated in order to obtain laminarity in the work zone, shaped in the longitudinal slots in the front part allowing an adequate re-circulating air change and a reduced thermic drift.

Watertight liquid collecting bin, made in AISI 304 stainless steel, placed under the worktop. Direct coupling centrifugal motorised fan. Designed to maintain constant air flow velocity in the chamber (0.45 m/sec) even in case of gradual HEPA filter clogging.

Absolute HEPA filter (output) with minimum guaranteed efficiency 99.999% (penetration of the 0.001%} on the D.O.P. aerosol of 0.3 micrometres.

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