High interest in fully automatic ALCEO Solid Target at ISRS 2019

The 23rd ISRS International Symposium on Radiopharmaceutical Sciences in Beijing, China was an opportunity to present to a global audience of radiopharmaceutical specialists our ALCEO Solid Target Processing System.

Our R&D Specialist Mario Malinconico presented a new poster, which received much interest: “Automated production of Cu-64, Zr-89, Ga-68, Ti-45, I-123 and I-124 with a medical cyclotron, using a solid target commercial system.”

We were also proud to have been part of another poster written by our customers working at MITRU, the Molecular Imaging and Therapy Research Unit at the SAHMRI center in Adelaide, Australia, titled “Automated production of Ga-68 chloride and Ga-68-Dotatate on a low energy medical cyclotron.”

During ISRS, there was considerable interest in 68Ga produced by a medical cyclotron. Nowadays, this isotope can be produced via a liquid or a solid target. However, with our ALCEO system, we can get a huge amount of radioactivity.

The isotopes produced by ALCEO can be used for labeling experiments, thanks to the high radiochemical purity. Our customers have, in fact, performed some experiments of these types.

It is important to note that the ALCEO system is a fully automated instrument, which minimizes the operator radiation dose and provides a robust and reproducible radioisotope product capable of entering into routine production.

The ALCEO software is 100% open: when needed, it can also produce more radioisotopes (for example 44Sc, 55Co,…) guaranteed by COMECER, like Cu-64, Zr-89, Ga-68, Ti-45, I-123 and I-124.

For additional technical details on ALCEO, including video, datasheets, presentations, studies, and posters, visit the Updated guide to ALCEO resources.

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