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Who is Comecer? Let us tell you about us

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Comecer, an ATS company, is a developer and manufacturer of high-tech systems in the field of aseptic processing and containment for pharmaceutical industries. Our equipment is deployed in hospitals, universities, research centers, pharmaceutical companies, cell factories, and large industrial groups worldwide.

Our containment solutions range from isolators that handle highly active principles or excipients to multi-stage isolators for chemical synthesis or laboratory operations. For asepsis we provide isolators designed for sterility tests and formulation of sterile drugs, isolators or RABs integrated into filling lines, and dedicated solutions for Regenerative Medicine applications. Our equipment follows all international regulations for pharmaceutical companies, such as GMP compliance.


Here are just a few references to give you an idea of the challenges we continuously address for pharmaceutical companies:

  • PROCOS (Italy): a quality control laboratory in isolator for HPAPI
    The customer wanted to build a multi-purpose HP API production facility with containment isolators for QC laboratory with HPLC preparative, wet analysis, dry analysis, particle size, and IR analysis processes in the isolator.
  • TRANSGENE (France): an immunotherapy R&D and production system
    The customer needed a solution for the cultivation of therapeutics cancer vaccines and oncolytic viruses in a contained environment.
  • GSK (UK): an advanced plant for bulk sterile manufacturing.


The customer needed a solution for blender charging and final filling of bulk antibiotic powder in entirely aseptic conditions, using isolation technology, with the highest operational efficiency, and a fully automatic process.


Are these challenges similar to what you are facing?

Are there other needs in your manufacturing processes that need to be addressed?

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