API_HPAPI-QC-Isolator_QC isolator for wet analisys

HPAPI QC Isolator

16 October 2019

The Quality Control HPAPI isolator is designed to perform high containment for fine particle size products and operations. The Quality […]


VPHP Testing Isolator

11 June 2019

The VPHP Testing Isolator was designed for analysis of the decontamination processes in the pharmaceutical field, by means of vaporised […]

Food aseptic isolator for filling and closing containers

Food Aseptic Isolator for Filling and Closing Containers

7 March 2019

The food aseptic isolator was designed for food dispensing operations. Distinguished by its compact size, the isolator is mainly comprised […]

FHB-10 - Laminar Flow Hood with Lead Glass

FHB-10 Laminar Flow Hood with Lead Glass

30 March 2018

Vertical laminar flow hood with lead glass model FHB-10. Dedicated to the laboratory and industry use, specifically for the protection […]

TLC - Radiochromatograph TLC scanner

TLC-204 – Thin layer radiochromatograph (TLC-scanner)

15 February 2018

The TLC-204 is a versatile state-of-the-art radio TLC system. The new motor technology reduces considerably the running noise. A complete […]

Therabed Metabolic Radiotherapy Management System

THERABED Metabolic radiotherapy management system

7 October 2016

Therabed, metabolic radiotherapy management system, allows you to manage protected hospitalizations of patients undergoing metabolic radiotherapy; you can plan hospitalizations, […]

IBC Clinic - Management Software

IBC Clinic – Management Software

28 July 2015

The IBC CLINIC nuclear medicine management software is a state of the art client-server software system for nuclear medicine departments […]

IBC-NM - Nuclear Medicine Management Software

IBC Nuclear Medicine – Management Software

3 April 2014

The IBC Nuclear Medicine software is a complete client/server system for nuclear medicine departments. IBC software guarantees full traceability from […]

BH-SERIES - Biohazard Class A Hood

BH Series – Biohazard Class A Hood

25 March 2014

The BH SERIES – Biohazard Class A Hood is a microbiological safety hood, also known as laminar flow workbench, and […]

IBC Radiopharmacy Management Software

Radiopharmacy Management Software model IBC RP

22 May 2013

The IBC RP Radiopharmacy Management Software is a complete client/server system for a cyclotron facility, central radiopharmacy and academic hospital. […]

PHL - Sterile Isolator for Cellular Labeling

PHL Series – Sterile Isolator for Cellular Labeling

12 May 2011

The Cellular Labeling in Nuclear Medicine are classified by Good Radiopharmacy Practice Standards in the Preparation of Radiopharmaceuticals in Nuclear […]

FHR1-50-LAF - Shielded Radiochemistry Fume Hood with Laminar Flow

FHR1 50 LAF Shielded Radiochemistry Fume Hood with Laminar Flow

6 May 2010

Radiochemistry shielded hood for manipulations at medium activity, with frontal sliding shield and laminar flow. Workstation suitable for the breakdown […]

FHR-SSC - Hood with Laminar Flow

FHR SSC Hood with Laminar Flow

16 April 2008

Laminar flow hood for preparation of non radioactive materials in aseptic conditions. It guarantees the protection for the materials and […]

FHR1-FHR3 - Radiochemistry Fume Hoods

FHR Radiochemistry Fume Hood

16 April 2008

The FHR radiochemistry fume hood is a workstations for the removal of air-hanging radioisotopes generated during the manipulation of liquid […]

FHR1-50 - Fume Hood for Manipulations at Medium Activity

FHR1 50 Hood for Manipulations at Medium Activity

10 April 2008

Workstation for the breakdown of airborne radioisotopes coming from the manipulation of the volatile liquids or gas substances. Completely made […]