FHB-10 Laminar Flow Hood with Lead Glass

30 March 2018

Vertical laminar flow hood with lead glass model FHB-10. Dedicated to the laboratory and industry use, specifically for the protection […]

Special Furnitures

30 March 2018

Besides the wide range of standard articles, COMECER produces with the same high quality level, special furnitures up to the […]


TLC-204 – Thin layer radiochromatograph (TLC-scanner)

15 February 2018

A high performance TLC scanner for rapid and accurate determination of radiochemical purity using thin layer chromatography. Bidirectional scanning automatically […]


THERABED Metabolic radiotherapy management system

7 October 2016

Therabed, metabolic radiotherapy management system, allows you to manage protected hospitalizations of patients undergoing metabolic radiotherapy; you can plan hospitalizations, […]


DOSEFX – Software for internal dosimetry

4 October 2016

DoseFX is medical device software for internal dosimetry (Class I). DoseFX  calculates internal organ and tumor doses during clinical radiopharmaceutical […]


IBC Clinic – Management Software

28 July 2015

The IBC CLINIC nuclear medicine management software is a state of the art client-server software system for nuclear medicine departments […]


IBC Nuclear Medicine – Management Software

3 April 2014

The IBC Nuclear Medicine software is a complete client/server system for nuclear medicine departments. IBC software guarantees full traceability from […]

BH Series – Biohazard Class A Hood

25 March 2014

The BH SERIES microbiological safety hood, also known as laminar flow workbench, has been designed to work specifically with radioisotopes. […]

Radiopharmacy Management Software

IBC GMP Radiopharmacy Management Software

22 May 2013

The IBC GMP Radiopharmacy management software is a complete client/server system for a cyclotron facility, central radiopharmacy and academic hospital. […]

PHL Series – Sterile Isolator for Cellular Labeling

12 May 2011

The Cellular Labeling in Nuclear Medicine are classified by Good Radiopharmacy Practice Standards in the Preparation of Radiopharmaceuticals in Nuclear […]

FHR1 50 LAF Shielded Radiochemistry Fume Hood with Laminar Flow

6 May 2010

Radiochemistry shielded hood for manipulations at medium activity, with frontal sliding shield and laminar flow. Workstation suitable for the breakdown […]

FHR SSC Hood with Laminar Flow

16 April 2008

Laminar flow hood for preparation of non radioactive materials in aseptic conditions. It guarantees the protection for the materials and […]

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